Technical Architecture for e-Learning

Provides the technical architecture specification document for the system.

2. Access Control Mechanism

The school uses office365 multifactor authentication mechanism in securing user login and access to the online platform and applications. The user has the option of using a mobile number for OTP code or by using Authenticator app. This helps to provide additional layer of security apart from the provided password.

User accounts are also set to auto-lock upon 3 unsuccessful login attempts within a time threshold.

3. Technical Architecture Specification

Total Users1797
Local Server2 Domain Controllers, 2 App Servers, 1 Student Lab Server
DatabaseMicrosoft SQL Server Express
NetworkAdmin Network, Wifi Network, Guest Network, Lab Network and App Server Network
ProtectionSophos XG firewall, Kaspersky Endpoint Security
Client OSWindows 10
Server OSWindows Server 2016 Std
No. Support Staffs08

10 Vitual Classroom Login Details

Demo Student Account:

Password:                           ex123456

Demo Teacher Account:

Password:                          ex123456

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