Procedures and Privacy

There are clear policies and procedures for privacy and use published on the agency’s official website.


Rationale & Aim

Jeddah international school endeavors to support, enhance, enable and transform teaching and learning to provide rich, diverse and flexible learning opportunities for this digital generation. We strive to build confident, resilient students with a skillset that allows them to:

  • Expand their knowledge and understanding.
  • Create through inquiry processes.
  • Communicate, share and work collaboratively in local and global environments.
  • Learn to work legally, ethically and safely as responsible users and creators.
  • Develop new thinking, learning and problem solving skills to support their ongoing development as they navigate their way through digital environments in future learning.

“We may be remote but we are not isolated” 


  • Our school provides staff and students with access to a wide variety of information resources accompanied with the skills necessary to filter, analyse, interpret and evaluate information encountered.
  • All students and staff at our school have filtered internet and email access. 
  • All students and staff have their own password protected account for the school network and for online services.
  • Students will be held responsible for all activity that occurs under their log-in and password.
  • Student behavior must be consistent with the school’s values, Student Code of Conduct and OSC eLearning Agreement when engaging in activities with any learning technologies and programs at school.
  • The school strives to ensure that information published online by students or the school is of a high standard and meets legal requirements in relation to copyright, safety and decency.
  • Consequences of publishing, accessing or failing to notify the coordinators of inappropriate material may include the removal of access rights.  
  • Signed parent consent and student agreement must be completed in order to gain access to the internet and to publish work, photos or videos online (see eLearning Agreement). 
  • Privacy of students, parents, staff and other users is recognized and respected at all times.
  • Staff are expected to utilise and integrate technologies, including online learning opportunities, into their programs for all students.
  • The use of mobile phones by students at School is in accordance with the Mobile Device Policy.
  • Consequences for serious incidents may include; criminal charges, suspension, expulsion, loss of privileges, counselling, conciliation and/or other consequences consistent with the Student Code of Conduct.
  • The school continues to provide appropriate professional development and support for all staff.


  • This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s regular review cycle.


School                director

  Council President              


This document is provided to make all users aware of the responsibilities associated with efficient, ethical, and lawful use of learning technologies. Consistent with the Student Code of Conduct, students will be denied access to school computers and/or the Internet for a time to be determined by the College and may face further disciplinary action consistent with the Student Code of Conduct, if they violate any of the terms detailed below.

Please note: Learning technologies is a term used to describe a broad range of technologies that are used to support teaching and learning. Mobile devices include, but are not limited to mobile phones, cameras, camcorders, robotics, 3D Printers, USBs, iPods, MP3players, portable hard drives laptops and any other learning technologies.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities 

–               Talk to your child/children about the importance of conducting themselves appropriately online.

–               Talk about ensuring respectful communication at all times and making choices to protect their personal information.

–               Read the eLearning policy and eLearning agreement and sign in the appropriate place.

School Responsibilities

–               Provide Internet access to students.

–               Integrate cyber safety into the curriculum.

–               Provide Internet filters for inappropriate content.

–               OSC reserves the right to review, monitor, and restrict information stored on or shared whilst at school.

–               Provide staff guidance to aid students in the ‘Best Practice’ of learning technologies and help assure student compliance of the eLearning agreement.

Students Responsibilities

  • Use computers/devices in a responsible, safe and ethical manner.
  • Adhere to the OSC Student Code of Conduct concerning behavior and communication, which apply to all mobile devices.
  • Use all technology resources in an appropriate manner to not damage them.
  • Monitor all activity on their account(s) and take the necessary and appropriate steps to protect their privacy.
  • Always logout and secure their device after they are done working.
  • Report any e-mails containing inappropriate/abusive language and/or subject matter to their teacher or coordinator.
  • Ensure that their personal information is protected at all times. This includes usernames, pin numbers and passwords.

Student activities strictly prohibited include (but are not limited to):

–               Illegal installation or sharing of copyrighted materials.

–               Sending, accessing, uploading, downloading, or distributing offensive, profane, threatening, pornographic obscene or sexually explicit materials.

–               Use of chat rooms for non-educational purposes.

–               Internet/Computer Games deemed inappropriate by teachers.

–               Downloading apps without teacher permission.

–               Spamming-Sending mass or inappropriate emails.

–               Accessing other students’ accounts, files, and/or data.

–               Use of the school’s internet for illegal activities.

–               Use of anonymous and/or false communications.

–               Sharing personal information online unless under teacher instruction to do so.

–               Transmission or accessing materials that are obscene, offensive, threatening or otherwise intended to harass or demean recipients.

Jeddah international school E-LEARNING AGREEMENT

The School provides free access to the internet and selected Online Services. This eLearning Agreement also applies to students during school excursion, camps and extra-curricular activities.


I agree to the following:

•              Use computers and networks, the internet and e-mail, and any other learning technologies at school in a responsible manner as directed by my teacher. 

•              Bring my laptop to school every day and ensure it is fully charged. 

•              Take my laptop to the ‘Charging Station’ in the IT Service Centre, at recess or lunch, if the battery does not stay charged throughout the day.

•              Keep my laptop in its case when transporting it around the school or to and from home. 

•              Keep food and drinks away from the laptop at all times. 

•              Immediately report any accidents or breakages to my parents/guardians and the IT technician/s. 

•              I understand that I will be allocated personal logins and passwords and I will be responsible for all activity that occurs under my logins and passwords.  I will therefore not share this information with others.

•              Act responsibly and not use the device to find, create or send information that might be harmful, inappropriate or hurtful to me or to others.

•              Only take photos or record audio/video for educational purposes.

•              Photos, video and audio recordings will only be used for educational purposes. Students will seek verbal permission from individuals involved (including teachers) before taking photos or recording audio/video and seek written permission from individuals before publishing and/or sending photos, audio or video to anyone else or online. Permission forms are accessible to students via Student Shared and it is both the student and teachers’ responsibility to ensure permission is granted and filed by the teacher for future reference.

•              I will adhere to the school’s Mobile Device Policy.


During class time, I will 

  • Only use my laptop for purposes outlined by my teacher/s.
  • Protect my privacy rights and those of other students by not giving out personal details including full names, telephone numbers and images.
  • Use the internet in line with the OSC Student Code of Conduct and use respectful and appropriate language when I communicate and collaborate online.
  • Only use the internet for educational purposes and use the equipment the way it is intended to be used.
  • Use social networking sites for educational purposes as directed by teacher/s.
  • Not deliberately enter or remain in any site that has obscene language or offensive content (eg racial, sexual or violent content).
  • Abide by copyright procedures when using content on websites (ask permission to use images, text, audio and video and cite references where necessary).
  • Think about how I use content posted online and not simply copy and paste information from websites.
  • Not interfere with network security or Internet proxies.
  • Not interfere with another user’s data or attempt to log onto the network with a username or password that is not my own.
  • I will not to share account names and passwords with anyone unless requested by staff or technicians when servicing the mobile device.
  • Talk to a teacher or coordinator if:       
  •  o            I feel that the welfare of other students at the school is being threatened by online activities.
    • I come across sites which are not suitable according to OSC standards.
    • Someone types something I don’t like, or makes me and/or my peers feel uncomfortable, or asks me to provide information that I know is private.
  • I will not use the internet or networks at school to access web pages, computer files, newsgroups, chat
  • groups or other materials that would be considered offensive in the judgement of the college, or infringe the Student Code of Conduct.
  • I will be a responsible user and creator and work legally, ethically and safely at all times.
  • I will be courteous and use appropriate language when communicating online and will report any instances of inappropriate communication to a teacher or coordinator.
  • I will accept responsibility in regard to copyright protected material and plagiarism. I will not download and redistribute software, games, music, graphics, videos or text unless authorized to do so by the copyright owner, and will not attempt to present somebody else’s work as my own.
  • I will not distribute names, addresses, credit card details or telephone numbers of others or myself via the Internet or school network unless required by the College to do so.
  • I will keep a copy of ‘Responsible use of Learning Technologies’ and ‘eLearning Agreement’ on my laptop at all times.
  • Seek teacher permission before uploading any content to websites, blogs, etc.



Please tick each of the boxes below:

  I have read the ‘Responsible Use of Learning Technologies’ document and ‘eLearning Agreement’ carefully and understand the significance of the conditions.  I understand that any breach of these conditions may result in my child’s/children’s Internet privileges being suspended and/or revoked and may lead to further consequences as deemed suitable by the coordinator and/or principal team. 
I understand that this eLearning agreement also applies to students during school excursion, camps and extra curricula activities.
  I understand the school will provide adequate supervision and that steps have been taken to minimize risk of exposure to unsuitable material.
I have read and signed the Parent Consent Forms for both Office 365 and Google Apps.

Please tick the appropriate boxes below:

 I consent to my child using the Internet at school for educational purposes in accordance with the eLearning Agreement outlined above. 


I consent to my child having their first name (last initial) published on the school’s website. 


I consent to my child having their photo published on the school’s website. 


I consent to my child corresponding with others, using email or other online services.


PARENTS NAME: اسم الولي

PARENTS الاولياء SIGNATURE: التوقيع

DATE: التاريخ


Please tick each of the boxes below:

المربعات ادناه  يرجى تحديد  كل من 

 I have read the ‘Responsible Use of Learning Technologies’   document and ‘eLearning Agreement’ carefully and understand the significance of the conditions and agree to adhere to all of the terms outlined in these documents.

قرات ” الاستخدام المسؤول لوثيقة  تقنيات التعلم ” و اتفاقية التعلم باهتمام وكما اني ادرك اهمية الشروط واوافق على الالتزام بكل الشروط المبينة في تلك الوثاق .       

    I understand that any breach of these conditions may result in my Internet privileges being suspended and/or revoked and may lead to further consequences as deemed suitable by the coordinator and/or principal team. 

قرات مسؤولية استخدام  وثيقة  تقنيات التعلم واتفاقية التعلم  باهتمام وادرك  اهمية الشروط . كما ادرك ان اي انتهاك لاي من هذه  الشروط  قد يؤدي الى الحرمان  لطفلي – اطفالي او الغاء الامتيازات  عبر النترنت  او تؤدي الى عواقب اخرى  والتي تعتبر مناسبة من قبل المنسق او مدير الفريق

            I understand that this eLearning agreement also applies during school excursion, camps and extra curricula activities.

المدرسية  اني ادرك بان اتفاقية التعلم تنطبق على الطلاب خلال ا والتخييم والانشطة الخارجية  الاضافية.



اسم الطالب


SIGNATURE: توقيع الطالب

DATE: التاريخ


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