About Us

Vision: – To prepare 21st-century learners to excel in the global community.


We the staff, parents and the Board of Trustees of JIS will make our school amongst the best quality schools in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by:
  • Delivering a well-balanced American, French Baccalaureate and international curriculum up to grade 12 which is being continuously developed and improved; which is sensitive to the cultural beliefs of our host country and multinational community; and which will prepare students for further and tertiary education both here and abroad
  • Maintaining our fully accredited status with multiple regional accreditation agencies and our licensed status with the KSA Ministry of Education


Invest in the improvement and expansion of our school facilities and resources to maintain our quality educational programs.
Provide a warm, caring and safe learning environment that stimulates curiosity, freedom of expression, positive competition, and community spirit.
Provide cultural, physical and extra-curricular activities that develop the ‘whole child’.
Effectively develop students’ abilities to communicate in their language of instruction, while respecting the importance of the individuals’ native language.
Recruit and/or develop skilled and committed staff to effectively meet the needs of the children, school and community.
Create an environment where staff is expected to continuously develop themselves professionally and apply best practices in the classroom.
Use technologies to enhance the delivery, quality and effectiveness of teaching.
Provide students with opportunities to use technologies that will prepare them for today’s changing world.



Learning experiences must be appropriate to a student’s age, learning readiness, Step of development and level of maturity so as to enable the student to integrate skills and knowledge across grades and disciplines and which will allow him/her to work to the best of his/her ability….

Parents and teachers are partners in student learning.
Education should develop, foster and advance:


Fairness and values

Respect, tolerance, cooperation and teamwork

Individual responsibility for personal excellence, the community and the environment
Self confidence, self esteem and a positive set of values
Independent learning, problem solving and critical thinking
An appreciation of aesthetic forms and ideas

Strengths and Weaknesses of Online Learning

  • Strengths of Online Learning
  • Anywhere…
  • Anytime, Any Pace…
  • Synergy
  • High Quality Dialog
  • Student Centered

What We Offer


This is a 4-year grouping. All grades and classes are subject based with one Specialist teacher instructing in the areas of Language. Mathematics, Science. Social Studies, Art, P.E., Computer, Arabic and Islamic Studies and French. The coursework is designed so that students receive credits for each completed year of study. Attainment of the required number of credits will lead to the attainment of the JIS/KJIS/MSA High School Diploma. Attendance is compulsory and only a prescribed number of days may be missed without loss of credit for a quarter/year. Students complete PRE SATs, SAT’s, TOEFL courses. IT is anticipated that we shall offer AP courses from December 2010


High School Diploma

For grade 9-12 we provide a detailed High School Handbook.

For Grades 11 and 12 we provide a detailed Academic and Guidance Manual to prepare students for tertiary education.

Elementary Program

Grades 1 to Grade 5 (Ages 6-11).

The Elementary section (ages 6 to 11) builds on the work and activities already introduced and developed. Through appropriate and planned activities it develops a high level of confidence and competence in all curriculum areas for all children.

All classes are home based with one main teacher instructing in the key areas of Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Our academic program uses an integrated day, thematic approach to cover the subjects of English Language, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science. Specialist lessons are provided in Art, P.E., Music, and Computer. E.S.L., Arabic and Islamic Studies and French. As well we take full advantage of the tradition, history and culture of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through regular educational and social excursions

Middle School Grades:

This is a 3-year Grouping and in Grades 6-8 classes are based with specialist subject Teachers instructing in the areas of language, Mathematics, Science, Social studies, Art, Music, and Computer, E.S.L, Arabic and Islamic and French.


Learn more about about daily, weekly, monthly activities and our annual events.

To know more about our activities please download our activities and/or academic calendars or see our interactive calendar.


What Our Families are Saying

“JIS has discovered the way to celebrate and uplift the naturally creative, inquisitive mind of a child. I want my children to be a part of this innovative education model that readies children for the 21st Century job market.

— Georgia, parent

Thanks to JIS’s amazing teachers and approach, our son has regained interest in his strong subjects while also discovering a new passion for reading, writing and filmmaking. He is also becoming more independent, persistent and thoughtful, all the while absolutely loving going to school!

— Elena, parent